36 Dead in Hiroshima Landslides and Floods

Heavy rainfall and ensuing floods and landslides have killed as many as 36 people in Hiroshima, Japan, since early Tuesday 19 August 2014. Several others remain missing.

Huge amounts of rain fell on Tuesday 19 August and rain continued into the early hours of Wednesday, triggering landslides and raging floods.

People have been left stranded or trapped across wide areas of the city. An evacuation advisory was issued for 65,000 residents, many of whom are now staying in schools or local public buildings.

Many of the deaths occurred as a result of landslides. The victims include a firefighter who was attempting to rescue victims from a collapsed building.

Flooding was seen elsewhere in western and central Japan after heavy rainfall. A man was swept away by flood water of a swollen river in Fukuoka Prefecture. Earlier this week floods hit areas of Kyoto, Ishikawa, Gifu and Hyogo prefectures.

Record Rainfall

According to the Weather Channel, Japan Meteorological Agency figures show the area had double the record amount of rainfall in a 3 hour period.

20.39 cm / 8.03 inches of rain fell in just 3 hours in Asakita Ward, Hiroshima

The Weather Channel also say that rainfall records have been broken elsewhere in Japan this month.

The city of Kochi, where weather records have been kept since 1886, broke its all-time single-month rainfall record Monday, when its month-to-date rainfall total since Aug. 1 surpassed 56 inches / 1.42 metres