At Least 10 Dead After Flash Floods in Northwest Pakistan

Flash floods raged through the market area of a remote community in Upper Dir district, a mountainous region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in northwest Pakistan.

Local media say that the floods struck in Kalkot, Upper Dir. Police have confirmed that at least 10 bodies have been recovered in the wake of the floods. As of Friday 26 June, more were still missing, and search and rescue operations ongoing.

Several houses were completely destroyed and police report that the floods also swept away a local seminary or madrasa. There are fears for some students that are still missing.

A stretch of the main Dir- Kohistan road has also been damaged, making access difficult for rescue and relief operations.

Earlier today, 28 June 2015, Pakistan humanitarian agency, Alkhidmat Foundation, announced they would be conducting rescue and relief operations for those affected by the floods. According to their assessment, 8 people have died and a number of people remain missing as the consequence of the flash floods in the region.