Russia – One Dead in Sochi Floods After 1 Month of Rain Falls in a Day

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Severe flooding in the city of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, south-western Russia, has left 1 person dead and forced hundreds from their homes. Reports say that over 500 homes across the city have been damaged, with the districts of Adler and Lazarev being worst affected.

Sochi was host to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Yesterday, many of the city’s streets were under water up to 1 metre deep after heavy rain caused flooding and forced local rivers to overflow.

Several cars were swept along streets by the fast flowing waters. The flooding caused damage to railway lines in the area. Sochi’s airport was also flooded, causing some flights to be diverted or delayed.

Earlier today city officials reported that 150 mm of rain had fallen since yesterday, which they say is around 1 and a half times the normal monthly total. At least 20 pumping stations have been set up around the city to help remove flood water.

Pumps removing flood water in Sochi. Photo: City of Sochi
Pumps removing flood water in Sochi. Photo: City of Sochi

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