Bangladesh – Monsoon Floods Affect 3.3 Million

Government and humanitarian agencies in Bangladesh report that 3.3 million people have now been affected by flooding that began in June.

File photo – Floods in Bangladesh 2019. Photo: UN Women Mohammad Rakibul Hasan CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

According to a report of 25 July by the Humanitarian Coordination Task Team (HCTT), 21 districts of the country have now been affected, with 16 of them seeing moderate to severe impacts.  Flooding has inundated over 34,000 km2 of land, which amounts to 24% of the country. Almost 75% of Jamalpur district is flooded.

Extent of flooded areas of districts in Bangladesh, July 2020, Image: Humanitarian Coordination Task Team

Over 90 people have died in flooding since 30 June, including 41 children. Approximately 56,000 people have been displaced to 1,086 flood shelters.

Road communication in some areas has been damaged by flood waters, isolating several sub – districts. Thousands of latrines and wells have been damaged or destroyed and 7 districts are out of safe drinking water.

Over 1,900 schools have been damaged, leaving 807,467 children without access to education.