China – 1 Dead, 8 Missing After Flash Floods in Heilongjiang

Local emergency services in Heilongjiang Province in northeast China report at least 1 person has died and 8 are missing after torrential rain caused severe flash flooding.

Heavy rain struck late on 12 July 2022, causing flash floods in a village near Chaoyangshan, Wudalianchi City. Homes and buildings were damaged and several people reported missing. Emergency teams called to the scene recovered the body of one victim, while at least 8 other people were thought to be still missing.

Areas of the province have experienced heavy rainfall for some time, causing levels of the upper reaches of the Heilongjiang River to reach above the danger mark. The river at the Mohe measuring station stood at 96.51 metres as of 11 July, just above the danger mark of 96.50 metres. Levels are expected to rise further and regional authorities said the Mohe to Heihe section of the river will have a flood peak from 11 July to around 18 July where it could exceed the warning level by over 1.10 metres.

The Heilongjiang River is also known as the Amur River and forms the border between the Russian Far East and Northeastern China.