Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides Hit Maluku Islands

Days of heavy rainfall in eastern Indonesia caused flooding and landslides in parts of the Maluku Islands over the last few days, causing 7 fatalities.

Floods in Ambon City, Maluku, Indonesia 08 July 2022. Photo: BPBD Ambon City

Floods and landslides struck in West Seram Regency, Maluku Province, Indonesia from 05 July 2022. Indonesia’s disaster management agency BNPB reported 6 fatalities after heavy rain caused a river to overflow which in turn triggered a landslide in Iha Village. One houses was destroyed and roads in the area severely damaged. At least six people evacuated their homes.

Around the same time floods and landslides struck in Ambon City, capital and largest city of the province of Maluku with a population of around 333,000. Around 36 homes and buildings were damaged affecting 180 residents. Further heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in the city on 08 July. Flood waters were up to 80 cm deep in some areas. BNPB reported 1 person died, 3,126 residents were affected and 783 houses damaged.

Around 20 houses and 1 bridge were damaged after floods on 10 July in Sula Islands Regency in North Maluku province. Flood waters reached a depth of around 70 cm in Mangoli Tengah.

According to Indonesia’s meteorological department BMKG, in a 24 hour period to 09 July 2022, Ambon City recorded 245 mm of rain and Amahai in Central Maluku Regency, recorded 173 mm.

Rainfall in Indonesia 08 to 09 July 2022. Image; BMKG