3 Dead After Flash Floods in Hail, Saudi Arabia

Two days of heavy rain brought flash flooding to parts of Hail (Ha’yel) Province in north west Saudi Arabia.

Three children are reported to have died after drowning in flood water in the small village of Baida Natheel, Hail Province.

The rain and flooding has been so severe, the Civil Defense and emergency services received nearly 1000 calls. Schools have been closed in the area as a result of flooding.

Riyadh also saw some moderate to heavy rainfall over the last two days, with some flood incidents on several roads reported, causing problems for the city’s drivers.

Riyadh suffered from severe flooding in November last year. On Sunday, 5 January 2014, 12 motorists were caught in flood waters in a valley south of Makkah, Saudi Arabia at a time when wide areas of the Gulf region saw heavy rainfall.

Floods in Riyadh
Floods in Riyadh, November 2013. Photo: twitter.com/TheEventsAngel

However, Jeddah is the Saudi city that has suffered the most severe floods in recent years. In 2009 as many as 122 people were killed and the flood disaster was describes as one of the worst to hit the region in over 25 years after more than 9cm of rain fell in just a 4 hour period on 25th November 2009. Since then new flood defences have been constructed.


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Source: Arab News