Middle East – Heavy Rain and Flooding in Iran, Iraq and Kuwait

Unusually heavy rain in parts of the Middle East from 04 November has caused flooding in Kuwait, Iraq and Iran.

According to WMO figures, Bushehr in Iran recorded 67mm of rain in 24 hours to 07 November, 2018. Mean total precipitation for November is 27.3mm.

This is the second major flood event in the Middle East within the space of 2 weeks. During late October, 2018, heavy rain caused flooding in Syria, northern Iran and Jordan, where at least 21 people died. Civil Protection authorities in Saudi Arabia said 14 people lost their lives during this period.

Earlier in the month Qatar received a year’s worth of rainfall in just a few hours on 20 October. Qatar’s Meteorology Department (Civil Aviation Authority) figures showed that Abu Hamor in the capital Doha recorded 84mm of rain in less than 6 hours on 20 October. According to World Meteorological Organization figures (WMO) the October average rainfall for Doha is 1.1mm and the annual average is 75.2 mm.

Prior to flooding in Qatar, heavy rain from Tropical Cyclone ‘Luban’ caused severe flooding in coastal districts of Al Maharah Governorate in Yemen and parts of neighbouring Oman. At least 3 fatalities were reported.