Indonesia – Bahilang and Padang Rivers Flood, North Sumatra

Floods have struck again in North Sumatra, Indonesia. On 18 October 2013, FloodList reported that floods had struck in the region resulting in 1000s of families being evacuated. At that time, the areas of Medan, Deli Serdang, Serdang Bedagai and Binjai City were the worst affected.

Floods have now inundated the city of Tebing Tinggi and surrounding areas. Heavy rainfall further up river left levels of the Bahilang and Padang rivers dangerously high. Yesterday both rivers overflowed leaving around 1,600 homes under as much as 1.5 metres of water. The worst of the flooding is in the districts of Bajenis, Padang Hulu, Rambutan and Tebing Tinggi Kota. It is understood that the flood gates forTebing Tinggi city failed after they were damaged by rising river levels.

Tebing Tinggi Mayor Umar Zunaidi Hasibuan said:

“The damaged floodgate is located at the border of Badak Bejuang and Banda Utama sub-districts. This has become the main entrance of the floodwaters currently affecting resident settlements,”

Sources: The Jakarta Post
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