Floods in North Sumatra

Thousands of families had to evacuate their homes after severe flooding in North Sumatra, Indonesia, over the last few days. Heavy rainfall led to flash floods inundating thousands of homes in the area, forcing people to evacuate and head for higher ground.

The areas in North Sumatra currently affected by the floods are:

  • Medan
  • Deli Serdang
  • Serdang Bedagai
  • Binjai City

The Binjai floods were made worse by the overflowing of the Bangkatan River.
This time of year is the wettest part of the rainy season in the region and further heavy rainfall is expected. Hendra Suwarta, head of information and data service at the Medan I Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said:
“North Sumatra is entering the peak of the rainy season and this kind of weather will likely last until the end of the year. A high intensity of rainfall may lead to flooding and landslides,”

There have also been some reports of flooding elsewhere in Indonesia, in particular the Kampung Melayu area of East Jakarta.

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Sources: The Jakarta Post