Floods in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

Heavy rainfall in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin left parts of the Indian states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh under flood water for the last few days. Around 6,500 people have been evacuated from their homes in Andhra Pradesh. In Odisha, at least 50,000 people have been evacuated from low lying areas as a result of the latest floods.

Odisha suffered from flooding directly after Cyclone Phailin had struck earlier this month on 12th October. Rainfall has been heavy in many areas since then, but has been particularly heavy over the last 4 days. Yesterday Bhubaneswar had over 11cm of rainfall in 24 hours. 10 people have been reported as killed in the most recent spate of flooding. Over 100 villages have been inundated. Particularly badly affected is the district of Ganjam, although some parts of Gajapati are also affected. Trains and other transport had been hit and many schools have been closed.

In Odisha water levels in many rivers are above danger levels and have already flooded nearby villages. The rivers Rusikulya, Bansadhara and Ghodahada were thought to be particularly at risk of further flooding. As many as 40,000 people were evacuated from Patrapur, Sana Khemundi, Chikiti, Digappahandi, Hinjili, Sheragada and Purushottampur in Ganjam. A further 10,000 were evacuated from Gajapati district.

Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh has also experienced heavy rainfall over the last few days. Yesterday Visakhapatnam saw over 10cm of rain in 24 hours.12 people have been reported killed in the floods and another person is still missing. Heavy rainfall has lasted for around 4 or 5 days and is particularly bad in Srikakulam and Rayalaseema districts.

In a dramatic event in Narasaraopet, Guntur district, a public bus carrying 27 passengers was caught up in the flood waters from an overflowing canal and plunged into deep waters, as the photo below shows. Passengers had to take reguge on the roof of the bus. All passengers were saved thanks to the efforts of local people and officials who were able to drag the victims to safety using ropes.

andhra pradesh india floods
Passengers stand on the roof of a submerged bus caught up in the floods in Andhra Pradesh, India

Further Heavy Rainfall
Forecasters at the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) have said that further heavy rainfall can be expected in both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. An areas of low pressure over coastal Andhra Pradesh would likely result in heavy rainfall in the two states over the weekend.

Sources: IBN Live, The Hindu

Photo Credit: Photo: Kommuri Srinivas, courtesy of The Hindu