Further Flood Warnings Issued for Thailand and Malaysia

The flood situation continues in the border region of Thailand and Malaysia. Further severe weather warnings have been issued for both countries. 20,000 people remain displaced by flooding in Kelantan state, Malaysia, while floods have now affected parts of Sabah state. In Thailand, Pattani City in Pattani Province was declared a flood disaster area on Saturday 20 December after the Pattani River overflowed.


The situation is still critical in parts of Kelantan state, where the numbers of displaced rose from 15,000 to over 20,000 during the weekend.

Floods have also now struck in Sabah state. More than 100 flood victims from seven villages in the Tenom district, were evacuated to eight temporary relief centres which were opened on Monday.

Elsewhere the heavy rains appear to have eased on Sunday 21 December, at least for a short while. The transport situation is said to have improved in Terengganu state, and many of the displaced started to return home in the states of Pahang and Johor.

Flood evacuations in Kelantan, Malaysia. Photo: Bomba Malaysia
Flood evacuations in Kelantan, Malaysia. Photo: Bomba Malaysia

More Rain and High Tides Forecast

Sadly their return may be short-lived as more heavy rainfall is predicted for the flood-hit states. A yellow levels flood alert has been issued for the states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Johor.

Malaysia’s Meteorological Department also expects a high tide which could exacerbate the situation in coastal areas.

Rumours that Dam in Thailand is Causing Kelantan Floods

Over the weekend rumours on social media suggested that a release of water from a dam in Sukhirin district, Narathiwat, Thailand, was about to cause massive flooding in Kelantan, Malaysia. Later Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab, Malaysia’s National Security Council (MKN) secretary, confirmed that there was in fact no such dam and the current Kelantan floods were a result of several days of heavy rainfall.


Earlier today the Thai Meteorological Department warned that the northeast monsoon which is covering the lower part of Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand is likely to become stronger. This will result in more rainfall in several provinces in the lower South, especially those from Nakhon Si Thammarat downwards. Heavy to very heavy rain is predicted in some areas of those provinces.

People living along the Gulf of Thailand coast in the lower part of the country are strongly advised to beware of the danger caused by wind waves predicted to be 2-4 metres high.

Narathiwat Province

In Narathiwat province, floods are still affecting at least 13 districts. The Head of the Narathiwat Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DPM) Office, said yesterday that the situation in all 13 districts of the province must be closely monitored as heavy rain yesterday has caused water levels to rise again despite a drop in the past few days, but has yet to reach a crisis level.

Yala Province

The Municipality of Muang District, Yala, has issued a flood warning after heavy rains continue to hammer the province, causing inundation in several areas. Floods have disrupted the Baan Nieng – Lammai route in the district.

On Sunday four army officials were injured in a helicopter crash while carrying out flood relief operations in Yala.

NNT reported that the chopper unexpectedly lost its balance and descended into a rubber plantation. The soldiers are currently in intensive care at Yala Central Hospital. Officials have been investigating the accident on site. Defense Minister and Royal Thai Army Chief General Udomdej Sitabutra was immediately informed of the crash

Pattani Province

Pattani City in Pattani Province was declared a flood disaster area on Saturday 20 December after the Pattani River overflowed. Floods in Paka Harang, Baraho and Talubo subdistricts in Mueang Pattani district were up to 1 to 1.5 metres deep. Other affected areas include Saiburi, Yaring, Nong Chik, Panare, Yarang and Mae Lan.