Malaysia Floods Continue After 25cm (10 Inches) of Rain in 24 Hours

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Floods continue to affect the Malaysian states of Sabah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang after further heavy rainfall. As much as 255 mm (10 inches) of rain fell in 24 hours between 21 and 22 December in Kuantan, state of Pahang. Earlier today the Malaysian Meteorological Department issued a high level warning for heavy rain in parts of Peninsular Malaysia.

Flooding first struck the region over 1 week ago. Since 16 December, four people have died (all in Kelantan state) and one person is missing in Pahang state after being swept away by flood water whilst attempting to cross a river in Sungai Lembing.

Currently 20,468 people have evacuated their homes in Kelantan. Over 6,000 people remain in relief centres in Terengganu.

In Pahang over 3,000 have been displaced. Kuantan is the worst hit district, with 1,623 people being housed at 20 relief centres. Malan district has also been badly hit and over 1,000 people have been displaced there.

Floods in Maran, Pahang, Malaysia. Photo: Malaysia Police
Floods in Maran, Pahang, Malaysia. Photo: Malaysia Police
floods kelantan malaysia
Flood evacuations in Kelantan, Malaysia. Photo: Bomba Malaysia