Ho Chi Minh City: Too Big to Flood

With a background of such horrific recent flooding (see our post on floods in Vietnam, 2008 to 2012), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) this week claimed that Ho Chi Minh City, the commercial capital of the country, will face catastrophe over the coming decades if flood defences and infrastructure isn’t developed. The city was named in a list of important industrial and commercial cities in the region considered to be under threat of flooding in the future but too vital to the region’s econmoy to leave at risk. These cities have been labelled “Too Big to Flood”.

The ADB report claims that 70% of the city will be affected by flooding. Much of the city’s industry is situated along the river, as is a good deal of the city’s transport network.

Flooding in Ho Chi Minh City
Flooding in Ho Chi Minh City 2011

Ho Chi Minh city contributes a huge part – over 23% – of Vietnam’s overall GDP. Flooding of the city would have economic consequences far beyond the city”s borders, and could well affect the economies of other countries in the region.

But the threat of flooding is made worse by the fast population growth in the city. Ho Chi Minh’s population will increase, mostly through migration, with many of the newcomers having to live in the flood threatened parts of the city. OECD expect that the figure of those most vulnerable to flooding will rise from 1.9 million to 9.2 million.

The ADB report is part of an overall look at the threats of flooding in the region, and particularly looks at cities and industrial and commercial areas of importance that are vulnerable to flooding. Apart from ho Chi Minh, also on the list of cities “Too Big to Flood” are Bangkok and Manila, both of which have suffered from flooding in the last few years.

Sources: Investine; Vietnam Online

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  1. Matthew_Brookes

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    When I visited Ho Chi Minh City I noticed that much of the city’s power lines and transformers were placed very high up. Down to the flood threat I assume.

  2. Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Manila – you could add New York, New Orleans, London, Amsterdam, Miami,Calcutta and Guangzhou to that list.

    1. Mark Lawson

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      Thannks Jeff. Indeed there could well be a long list. Perhaps Jakarta should be included also.

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