Floods in France May 2013

France Floods 2013France has been suffering from floods throughout May, 2013. On May 4 in the Burgundy region, torrential rain resulted in some residents of the city of Dijon being evacuated,. Levels of the River Ouche were rising rapidly after about 1 month’s worth of rain had poured in just under 12 hours until it eventually burst its banks. Three people were reported to be trapped in their homes, but were later rescued by the emergency services. Also early in May water levels of the Saône river in Lyon were particularly high, as were the Isère and Rhône near Valence.

Floods in Troye France 2013Floods are still occurring in France more than a week later. On May 9 the historic town of Troyes was hit by flooding. Troyes lies 170 km from Paris, in the Aube department (administrative region) which remained on “Orange” alert (warnings issued by the French national meteorological service
Météo France). Orange is the second highest flood alert. The Marne, Meuse and Seine-et-Marne departments remain on yellow alert.

France has already suffered from serious flooding this year. In Mach a state of emergency was declared as floods hit the south western Pyrenees Orientales region. Here the levels of the River Agly were so high, forecasters feared they would reach the levels of the worst floods on 1999. Flooding was so bad in March 2013 that a woman motorist was killed near Perpignan as her car was swept away by the flood waters of the river. About 700 residents were evacuated from their homes in the area at the foot of the Pyrenees. Flooding also hit the Rhone Valley in south east France.

Source: RFI; UPI ; The Connexion

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  1. These were terrible floods and my thoughts and prayers are going out to those who were affected.

  2. Matthew_Brookes

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    I read also that a young boy had been swept away in one of the flooding rivers. Can’t remember which one, maybe in the Dijon area? I hope they found him and he’s OK.

  3. Beth Johnson

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    We are booked on. Rhone River tour of France…starting in Lyon and ending in Avignon. We leave Lyon on July 27 and end August 3.

    Please let me know the River conditions now and project late July.Conditions. Do you think i should cancel our tour? The company wants 30’days cancellation.

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    Many thanks,

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