India Floods – 5 Dead in Nagpur, Maharashtra, After 250 Mm of Rain in 36 Hours

Heavy rain and ensuing floods in north-eastern areas of the Indian state of Maharashtra have left at least 5 people dead in the city of Nagpur.

According to local media quoting Nagpur officials, 2 victims drowned in the Jaripatka area in the city and three others were washed away by floods in rural areas outside the city.

Local officials say that as many as 1,500 people had to be rescued. India Ministry of Defence said that Indian Air Force helicopters were called in to carry out rooftop rescues of those stranded in the floods in Pipli village.

Levels of the Nag and Pivli rivers have risen rapidly, threatening many residents living alongside the river banks in the city. Flooding has also blocked roads and inundated rail tracks, causing transport difficulties.

NOAA figures say that 140 mm of rain fell in 24 hours in Nagpur yesterday, and so far 116 mm in 12 hours on 14 August 2015.