India – Rivers Above Danger Mark in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Thousands of people have been affected by flooding after days of heavy rainfall in northern and eastern India and neighbouring countries caused rivers to rise above the danger mark in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Meanwhile India’s Ministry of Home Affairs reported on 20 June that at least 9 people have died in rain and severe weather-related incidents across the country over the last few days.

The National Emergency Response Centre (NERC) of the Disaster Management Division in the Ministry of Home Affairs reported floods and severe weather in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra.

In Bihar, river levels are still high after heavy rainfall in neighbouring Nepal the previous week. NERC said the Gandak was above the danger mark in Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj and Vaishali districts in Bihar. Around 50,000 people have been affected.

Meanwhile in Uttar Pradesh the Rohin river was above the danger mark in Maharajganj district. More recently India’s Central Water Commission reported the Ghagra river in Ballia district and the Ganges in Budaun district were also above the danger mark. As of 20 June, flooding affected around 10,000 people in 42 villages across 10 districts in the state, NERC said.

In Uttarakhand the Ganges was also at high levels, flowing above the danger mark at Rishikesh in Dehradun District. NERC reported several homes have been damaged in the state as a result of recent severe weather.

Severe weather has also affected western parts of the country. In Gujarat 5 fatalities were reported over the last few days. Two of the victims died in separate flash flooding incidents, while others died as a result of wind damage or lightning strike.

Other fatalities were reported in drowning accidents in Kerala and Karnataka, while one person died when a building collapsed in Maharashtra.

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