Indonesia – Floods Affect 60,000 in Bandung, West Java

Flooding has affected almost 60,000 residents of Bandung Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. Thousands of homes have been inundated.

According to the the regional disaster management agency, light to heavy rainfall from 24 May caused the Citarum River and tributaries to overflow, flooding areas of Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah, Bojongsoang, and Margarahayu sub-districts of Bandung Regency. Flood waters were up to 2.5 metres deep in some places. Many affected areas were previously flooded in January and again in March this year.

Figures from Indonesia’s meteorological agency show the city of Bandung recorded 76.8 mm of rain in 24 hours to 25 May 2021. Levels of the Citarum River in Dayeuhkolot jumped to over 7 metres. Alert level here is 6 metres and danger 7.2 metres.

Initial assessments showed 59,819 people from 16,887 households were affected in the sub-districts of Dayeuhkolot (5,761 households affected), Baleendah (8,624), Bojongsoang (2,482), and Margarahayu (20). As many as 8,812 houses, 18 schools, and 28 places of worship were submerged in flood waters.

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