Indonesia – Floods in Central Kalimantan Damage 4,000 Homes

Floodwaters up to 1.5 metres deep left over 4,000 homes damaged in the Central Kalimantan Province of Indonesia.

Floods in Kapuas Regency, Indonesia, April 2023. Photo: BPBD Kapuas Regency

Disaster authorities in the country said heavy rain from 29 March caused the Kapuas River to overflow, triggering severe flooding in at least 14 villages in Central Kapuas District, Kapuas Regency, Central Kalimantan.

Approximately 4,166 houses have been flooded, affecting 16,234 residents. In addition, around 70 public buildings, 32 schools, and 11 health facilities were also flooded. Roads were flooded in around 70 locations.

The Kapuas Regency Government has declared an emergency. The local government has also set up emergency accommodation and a public kitchen. Food and relief supplies have been distributed to affected residents. Emergency teams have assisted in the evacuation of residents. Local authorities have also provided health care after an increase in waterborne disease was reported in affected communities.