Italy – Deadly Flash Floods in Calabria

Firefighters in Italy report one person died after a vehicle was swept away by flash floods in the Calabria Region.

Fire service helicopter searching for missing man in floods in Corigliano-Rossano, Calabria, Italy, 03 April 2023 – Photo Vigili del Fuoco

Stormy weather caused flash floods, landslides and wind damage in Calabria on 03 April. The worst affected areas were the provinces of Cosenza and Crotone.

Schools were closed in Savelli in the Province of Crotone due to adverse weather conditions. The commune recorded 118.2 mm of rain on 03 April.

Italy’s Fire Service Vigili del Fuoco reported 13 interventions carried out by the firefighters in Cosenza Province. Vigili del Fuoco firefighters used a helicopter to search for a man reported missing after being swept away by floods in Corigliano-Rossano. Vigili del Fuoco later reported the man was found dead.

Several roads were closed, blocked by floods, fallen trees or landslide debris in the municipalities of ​​Acri and Longobucco.