Indonesia – Hundreds Evacuated After Floods in North Aceh

Flooding has once again hit parts of Aceh Province in Indonesia after heavy rain caused several rivers to overflow on 16 June.

Flooding affected the districts of Nisam, Pirak Timu, Matangkuli, Lhoksukon and Cot Girek in North Aceh Regency. Hundreds of houses were submerged, roads blocked and agricultural land swamped.

Media reported flood water over 1.5 metres deep in Matangkuli. Local disaster authorities said 358 people were evacuated.

Raging flash floods hit Central Aceh in May this year. Parts of the province saw flooding in January and early April. Flooding struck again in late April, damaging at least 2,000 homes in 8 villages in Pidie Jaya Regency where flood water was up to 1.2 metres deep in some areas.

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