Indonesia – More Fatalities After Floods and Landslides in West Papua and Southeast Sulawesi

More flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rain have caused fatalities in Indonesia, this time in West Papua Province. Meanwhile thousands of people have been affected by flooding in Southeast Sulawesi Province.

West Papua Province

The country’s disaster management agency BNPB reported that 3 people died and 3 were injured in Sorong in West Papua Province on 16 July 2020. The 3 victims lost their lives after heavy rain triggered a landslide.

Flooding was reported in the districts of North Sorong, East Sorong, Malaimsimsa, Sorong Barat and Sorong.

BNPB said that flood water was up to 1 metre deep. Houses and a medical centre were flooded. Hundreds of vehicles stranded, severely disrupting traffic.

Flood rescue in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia, July 2020. Photo; BNPB

Southeast Sulawesi Province

Meanwhile flooding in Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province has affected over 8,000 people and displaced 1,211. According to BNPB, flood water of over 1.5 metres has left 1,671 houses damaged.

South Sulawesi Province

The disasters in Sorong and Konawe come soon after the recent severe flooding in South Sulawesi.

Initial reports said 16 people had died. In their latest statement, BNPB said that 35 people have now lost their lives in the flooding, with many more missing and 14,483 people displaced.

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