Iran – Floods Affect 10 Provinces, Red Crescent Reports 8 Fatalities

Iran Red Crescent Society (IRCS) reported flooding in the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan provinces, Tehran, Zanjan, Semnan, Qazvin, Kurdistan, Kerman, Mazandaran and Hormozgan from 01 August.

IRCS teams were called out to rescue 20 vehicles from flood waters. Eight people lost their lives in these incidents: 6 in Qazvin province, 1 in West Azerbaijan province and 1 in Mazandaran.

Flooding has damaged roads, bridges and homes. IRCS said it has provided emergency shelter for 85 people.

Two people are still missing in Avaj County, Qazvin Province, one of the hardest hit areas. Local officials said 36 mm of rain fell in just 30 minutes in Shahidabad Rural District. Raging flash floods swept through the city of Avaj late on 02 August, causing severe damage. Areas of Alamut-e Gharbi District in the province were also severely affected.

Meanwhile flooding in Mazandaran province has destroyed bridges and blocked the communication route of several villages, affecting around three thousand families, ISNA news agency reported.

The country had been plagued by severe weather events and natural disasters in recent days. On 01 to 02 August a massive sandstorm in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan injured hundreds of people. Tasnim news agency said around 100 were left in need of urgent medical assistance.

Three people lost their lives in a wild fire in Firuzabad district in Fars province on 02 August.

Media also report severe drought conditions in northern and southern areas of the country. In southwestern Khuzestan province people recently took to the streets to protest water shortages since March. In the north, ISNA reported the Qizil Üzan river in Kurdistan Province was completely dry.

Flash flooding, storms and heavy rainfall affected 15 provinces of Iran in mid- to late July, causing fatalities, displacements and emergency rescues.

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