Israel – Flash Floods Leave 4 Dead, Dozens Rescued

At least 4 people have lost their lives after flooding has swamped parts of Israel after heavy rains on 04 and 05 January, 2020.

Flood rescues in Balfouria, Israel, January 2020. Photo: Israel Fire and Rescue Service

Tel Aviv city government said 74mm of rain fell in the city in 2 hours on 04 January, 2020, which is around 20% of it’s annual rainfall.

Israel Police said on 04 January: “During the day, a stormy winter system plagued most areas of the country, and Tel Aviv in particular. Thousands of calls were received… and hundreds of police officers throughout the day provided assistance to civilians.”

Heavy rain continued into 05 January and Fire and Rescue Services were called on to rescue dozens of people from flooded homes or vehicles trapped in flood waters, in particular in Balfouria, Kiryat Tivon and Nahariya, where authorities warned residents of to stay indoors. Israel Police closed several roads across affected areas.

Two people drowned after heavy rains flooded an elevator in south Tel Aviv. Another victim died after his vehicle was swept away in a flash flood in Binyamina, Haifa District. A fourth victim died after a vehicle was swept away by floods. Police said the incident occurred near Givat Nili.

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