Oman and Yemen – Tropical Cyclone ‘Luban’ Leaves 3 Dead

Heavy rain from Tropical Cyclone ‘Luban’ has caused severe flooding in coastal districts of Al Maharah Governorate in Yemen and parts of neighbouring Oman.

Luban weakened into a tropical depression just before it made landfall in southeastern Yemen near the border with Oman on October 14, 2018.


Some areas of Dhofar and Al-Wusta Governorates saw heavy rain and flooding and some roads were closed. Dhalkut, Dhofar Governorate, recorded 263mm of rain during the storm, according to Oman Civil Defense.

The search and rescue teams of Oman’s Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority reported on 15 October that one man died in a flooded wadi (seasonal river) in Al-Mazyunah, a settlement in the Dhofar Governorate near the border with Yemen.


In Yemen, 6 districts of Al Maharah Governorate have been severely affected: Al Ghaydah, Sayhut, Al Masilah, Qishn, Huswain and Al Hawf. The worst hit are Al Ghaydah and Sayhut, which have a total population about 80,000 people.

The Governor of Al Maharah has declared the coastal districts a disaster area and the Minister of Local Administration has called on the UN and humanitarian organisations to assist and coordinate response with the local administration.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a report of 15 October that “preliminary reports from health authorities indicate that two people died and 33 have been injured so far, while the Emergency Operations Room report that more than 2,000 families have been significantly affected by flooding with many displaced to public buildings.”

OCHA added that rescue operations have been complicated by flooded roads and bridges along the coastal road of Al Maharah, with movement reported as particularly difficult in the areas of Al Masilah, Sayhut, Qishn, Huswain, Al Ghaydah and Hawf districts.

Luban is expected to weaken further as it moves inland and westward towards the northern parts of Hadramaut Governorate. Further heavy rain is still likely.

Rainfall Oman from TC Luban to 15 October 2018. Image: Oman Civil defense
Flooded wadis in Oman are always a danger for drivers. Image: Oman’s Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority
Rainfall in Oman from TC Luban to 14 October. Image: Oman Meteorology – PACA
Cyclone Luban floods in Al Mahara Governerate Yemen. Photo: UNOCHA

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