Papua New Guinea – Thousands Affected by Floods in Gulf Province

More flooding has been reported in Papua New Guinea, this time in Gulf Province.

Governor of Gulf Province, Chris Haiveta, quoted by local media, said that as many as 60,000 people have been affected by flooding in 9 Local Level Government (LLG) areas, including the provincial capital, Kerema. Local observers, via Social Media, said that flooding had been affecting some areas of the province since late March after rivers broke their banks. Provincial disaster authorities will complete damage assessments after the flood recedes, the governor said.

Heavy rain has caused floods and landslides in several provinces of the country since March. In early April, around 1,000 people were affected by flooding in areas of Lae in Morobe Province and nearly 500 homes were damaged or destroyed by flooding from the Zokozoi River in the Nupaha area of North Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

In March, flooding hit areas of Chimbu Province, where around 700 people were displaced. Days earlier, a massive landslide struck in Tambul-Nebilyer district, in neighbouring Western Highlands Province, where at least 10 people died.

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