Greece – State of Emergency in Thessaly Region After Severe Weather

Civil Protection in Greece has declared a state of emergency in 3 municipalities of Thessaly Region after severe weather from 04 to 06 April, 2020.

Floods affected Skiathos, South Pelion and Skopleos, Greece, April 2020. Photo: Civil Protection Greece

Strong winds disrupted sea transport and downed trees. Winds of 100 km/h were reported in parts of Central Greece Region. Heavy rain triggered flooding in Thessaly and Thessaloniki Regions, among others.

Damage from winds and flooding prompted civil protection authorities to declare a state of emergency in South Pelion, Skopelos, and Skiathos municipalities on 06 April. Skiathos recorded 183.4 mm of rain in 24 hours on 05 April and more than 310mm in 3 days to 06 April.

The Greek Fire Service said they carried out rescues in Volvi, Thessaloniki, after 2 vehicles became trapped in flood water on 04 April.