Tajikistan and Afghanistan – 14 Killed in Flash Floods and Mudflows

At least 14 people have lost their lives after heavy rain triggered flash flooding and mudslides in Tajikistan and northern areas of neighbouring Afghanistan. This is the second severe flood event to strike in Afghanistan in the past week.


Tajikistan Committee of Emergency Situations (CoES) reported severe flooding in Districts under Central Government Jurisdiction (RSS) and Khatlon regions from 11 May 2021, causing fatalities and damage to roads, bridges, homes and livestock.

As of 12 May 2021, at least 8 people had lost their lives, including 7 in Khatlon Region. According to CoES, three people were killed when a mudslide buried a car in Shamsiddin Shohin district of the region, while 3 fatalities were reported in the city of Kulob and 1 in Kushoniyon district, where 4 people were rescued.

Flooding destroyed a bridge in Danghara District and damaged around 26 homes in Shamsiddin Shohin district. Flood damage was also reported in Yovon District.

Flooding also struck parts of Central Government Jurisdiction (RSS) region. One person was swept away by flood waters in Gissar while attending to livestock. Around 14 homes were damaged by a mudflow in Rasht district. Flood damage was also reported in other districts of RSS, including Sangvor and Varzob, among others.

Dramatic flooding also affected parts of the capital, Dushanbe. Images shared on Social Media showed cars swept away, streets inundated and motorists taking refuge on the roofs of vehicles.

According to the Tajik Meteorological Agency, heavy rains are expected in the country until 14 May 2021, with possible floods and mudflows in mountainous and foothill areas of Khatlon, Sughd and RRS regions.

Water levels are rising in the Yahsu, Kyzylsu, Vakhsh (Surkhob), Obihingob, Zarafshan, and Isfara rivers, and in rivers in the Gissar Valley.


Flooding struck in Takhar province, including provincial capital Taluqan city, in northern Afghanistan on 10 May 2021. This flood event comes just days after severe flooding in parts of the country from 03 May 2021.

Media, quoting local officials, report that 6 people died and several houses were destroyed in floods in Takhar province on 10 May. Flooding affected the city of Taluqan and several districts including Namak Ab, Kalafgan and Bangi.

Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said it distributed relief supplies to affected families in Takhar province on 11 May. On 10 May the Authority said around 600 families were displaced as a result of flooding in the province.

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