Democratic Republic of Congo – Over 13,000 Families Hit by Floods in Tanganyika Province

Long-term heavy rainfall has caused severe flooding in parts of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with as many as 13,600 households affected according to the UN.

In a report of 07 May 2021, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) said flooding has destroyed 4,240 houses and affected as many as 13,600 households in the province of Tanganyika, Democratic Republic of Congo. Thousands of families are homeless: some are living in public places (churches, schools), others are staying with host families. Over 100 schools have been destroyed, affecting nearly 39,600 pupils.

UN OCHA said that abundant rains fell between February and April 2021 in the province in areas bordering the Congo River, Lake Tanganyika and their tributaries, resulting in severe flooding.

Among the hardest hit were communities in Kalemie territory, where 8,750 households were affected and 11 people died after homes collapsed. Two other fatalities were reported elsewhere in the province. Other affected areas include Nyunzu, Kongolo, Moba, Kabalo and Manono.

Over 100 latrines and many traditional wells are either destroyed or flooded in Kalemie, raising fears of a new outbreak of water-borne diseases. Crops have also suffered damage with around 1,100 hectares of fields are under water in Kabalo territory.

Further heavy rain is expected in May which could cause the humanitarian situation to deteriorate, the UN warned.