Turkey Floods – Izmir Under Water After 30 Minute Downpour

Torrential rain and hailstone, lasting around 30 minutes, swamped the streets of Izmir, western Turkey, during the afternoon of Wednesday 20 May 2015.

Dozens of homes and businesses were flooded and several cars damaged. No deaths have been reported, although photos on social media suggest that 1 man caught in the floods had a narrow escape. The images showed a man being dragged along by flood water. According to local media reports, the man survived.

Wednesday’s floods have prompted local observers to question the city’s drainage system.

Flash floods struck in the province of Izmir in similar circumstances 2 years ago after rainfall and strong winds struck in the early hours of Monday 25 November 2013.

Floods in Izmir, November 2013
Floods in Izmir, November 2013