Turkey – More Deadly Flash Floods in North East After 272mm of Rain in Rize Province

Further flooding has been reported in northern Turkey following the deadly flash floods in Artvin Province on 12 July.

Flash floods hit Cayeli district in Rize province, Turkey on 13 July 2020. Photo: Government of Rize Province

At least 2 people lost their lives in flooding and landslides in Çayeli district of Rize Province in north eastern Turkey on 13 July.

The town of Çayeli, along with several surrounding towns and villages in the district have been affected. AFAD said houses were destroyed in Madenli, and the villages of Köprübaşı and Sarısu. Two people from Köprübaşı village and 3 in Madenli town were sent to the hospital with injuries. Rescue teams have been facing problems reaching the remote villages.

Flooding struck after heavy rainfall in the area. Turkey’s meteorological agency Meteoroloji Genel Müdürlüğü (MGM) reported 272.8 mm of rain in Çayeli in 24 hours to 14 July.

Çayeli is situated on the Black Sea Coast, about 75 km north west of Yusufeli in Artvin province where 1 person died and 3 went missing after flash floods on 12 July.

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