Worldwide – Over 920 People Killed in Floods and Landslides in July 2021

In one of the worst months on record, over 920 people have died in floods, landslides and other rain-related incidents worldwide in July 2021.

Floods worldwide, July 2021. Source: FloodList

July this year brought a seemingly endless round of flood disasters across the world. FloodList recorded 124 flood events across 385 locations in more than 20 countries during July.

Flooding caused widespread devastation in some of the worst disasters on record. Homes and livelihoods have been decimated. Tragically over 920 people have lost their lives including 219 in Belgium and western Germany in mid-July; 192 in Mumbai and Maharashtra, India, in late July 2021; 113 in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan in late July; and 99 in Henan Province, China, late July.

High deaths tolls from flooding and landslides were also reported in areas of Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Japan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and several states in India including Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh.

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