Floods Follow Heat in Adelaide

Residents of Adelaide just experienced their wettest 24 hours since the sixties. Up to 9:00am on Friday morning, 75.2 mm of rain fell on central areas of Adelaide, making it the 5th wettest day on record. Over 100mm fell on some outskirts of the city in just a few hours during Friday 14 February 2014.

adelaide rain figures
Rainfall in Adelaide, from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology

Although the heavy rainfall caused some flash flooding, it may well still be welcomed by some after Adelaide’s record hot summer.

floods adelaide

Flooding caused problems for traffic and trains. Emergency services had to deal with hundreds of flood related incidents, but there have been no reports of casualties. Fire services helped clear areas of flood water using pumps. The areas of the city and suburbs most affected include Peterhead, Woodville, South Terrace, Kilburn, Port Adelaide and Mawson Lakes.


Sources: ABC Australia