UK Flood Grants

The UK government’s flood damage grant scheme to help homeowners hit by the recent floods launched yesterday, 1 April, 2014.

The scheme was originally announced in February 2014, during the midst of the flooding that struck south and south western parts of England.

Dubbed the “Repair and Renew Grant”, the scheme offers grants of up to £5,000 to homeowners and businesses that suffered flood damage to property during the flooding between 1st December 2013 and 31st March 2014. The purpose of the Repair and Renew Grant scheme is to allow flood-affected homeowners to minimise the impact of any future floods.

The money is to be spent on flood prevention and resilience measures, and also measures to help speed up recovery from flooding. Measures include:

  • Moving electrics
  • Changing floor coverings
  • Adding waterproof plaster
  • Waterproofing external walls
  • Installing flood barriers in garages or driveways
  • Adding flood resistant doors and windows

By February 2014 it was reported that as many as 6,500 properties had been affected by the flooding that first began in December 2013.

How to Apply for the Repair and Renew Grant

If your home or business property was flooded between 1st December 2013 and 31st March 2014, you may be eligible for up to £5,000 inn the flood grants scheme. To apply for a grant, flood-affected residents need to apply to their local district council.

If you have already spent money on flood prevention measures for your property, you can still apply for the grant retrospecitvely.

Further Grants and Aid

In other forms of help for those affected by the flooding, the government also announced in February 2014 that flood victims would be exempt from paying local taxes (council tax or local government tax) for at least 3 months. Businesses affected by flooding could also be eligible for something similar, called the “Business Rates Flooding Relief”, where they will get 100% business rate relief for three months. Flood affected businesses could also obtain grant assistance under the Business Support Scheme.

Fishermen and farmers are also in line to get some form of help from the Uk government. Flood affected farmers can apply for a share of a £10 million fund to help restore farmable land quickly. There is also support for farmers through another £10 million scheme, the Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme, which is run as part of the Rural Development Programme. Fishermen can access grants of up to £5,000 to replace equipment damaged in the winter storms of 2013 and 2014.

More info: Gov UK