4 Killed in Romania Floods

At least four people have died in flooding incidents across southern Romania over the last few days.

In a similar situation to other Balkan countries, in particular Serbia and Bulgaria, heavy rainfall that began a few days ago, combined with melting snow, has led to increased river levels and flooding. Flood alerts for several rivers still remain in place.

Floods in Romania - Photo ACT
Floods in Romania – Photo ACT

Reports claim that around 235 people had to be evacuated form their homes. Around 10 counties in the south of the country have been affected by the flooding. Agriculture in the region has also been badly hit, with over 10,000 hectares of crops and pasture damaged by the floodwater.

Minister of Interior, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, confirmed on Monday 21 April 2014, that 4 people have been found dead after drowning in the flooding. He also confirmed that the flood situation seems to be improving and that the number of villages or localities affected by the floods has decreased from 86 to 35.

In his statement, the Minister also said that “The number of search and rescue missions of people in danger reached up to 576, while the number of operations to evacuate people from their homes exceeded 730”.

Source: ACT Media