440 Evacuated in Serbia Floods

Floods in Serbia over the weekend forced at least 440 people to evacuate their homes.

Flooding first began on 19 April 2014 after heavy rain and melting snow caused several rivers to swell and break their banks. The heavy rain has continued since and is expected to remain over the next few days.

At least 11 municipalities across central, eastern and western parts of the country have been affected. The flooding also caused some landslides, power outages and some road closures.

The affected regions include Doljevac, Kursumlija, Prokuplje and Žitorađaare. The Red Cross is working in the affected areas, providing aid and relief for the displaced.

Romania and Bulgaria, two of Serbia’s Balkan neighbours, have also seen incidents of flooding over the last few days. Four people have been confirmed killed in flooding in Romania over the last few days.