Europe Must Adapt to Floods

Another report on the prospect of flooding was released this week (Monday April 29, 2013), this time regarding Europe (see our other article on Nigeria flood forecasts here).

The European flood report, from the European Environment Agency (EEA), was a study on 32 member countries of the agency, which includes the European Union States, plus Switzerland, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The report is entitled Adaptation in Europe. One conclusion of the report in particular seems to have hit the headlines. It seems that many cities and urban areas of Europe will come under threat of floods in the future, and more needs to be done to protect cities from floods and rising sea levels. The media reaction has been to express that we should all expect to see flood defences like the Thames Barrier appear in various cities under threat of floods in Europe.

Thames Barrier

Elsewhere in the report, further effects of climate change are discussed, such as necessary changes in agriculture (such as planting new grape varieties) and even water shortages, especially in areas of southern Europe. Europe and its governments will need to adapt quicker and in a more concerted way in order to be able to deal with these changes:

Executive Directorof the EEA is Jacqueline McGlade. She said:

“Adaptation is about new ways of thinking and dealing with risks and hazards, uncertainty and complexity. It will require Europeans to co-operate, to learn from each other and to invest in the long-term transformations needed to sustain our well-being in the face of climate change.”

Source: The Guardian; EEA