Flash Floods in Istanbul

Unusually heavy rainfall pounded parts of Istanbul, Turkey yesterday 02 June 2014, bringing flash flooding to many of the city’s streets and waterside areas. The worst affected areas were coastal parts of Üsküdar and Ümraniye on the Anatolian side of İstanbul.


The heavy rainfall was accompanied by unusually severe weather including storms and some strong winds. In the western province of Kocaeliand a tornado was seen – quite a rare occurrence in this region.

In Üsküdar and Ümraniye people were stranded in their vehicles in the city streets. However, judging from some of the image of floods, many of the locals didn’t appear to be too concerned about any potential danger.

September 2009 Floods

Istanbul suffered from severe flooding in September 2009 after 2 days of record rainfall. At least 31 people died in the disaster, which also caused around $70 million of damage. The flooding was so severe that as many as 200 cars were carried away on the flood waters and washed into the Marmara Sea.