Flash Floods in South West Norway

The small town of Vigrestad in Hå municipality, Rogaland County, south west Norway, was under water yesterday after heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. The severe weather struck across wide areas of Norway’s south west, but it was Vigrestad that seemed to suffer the worst of the flooding. According to WMO, Hå municipality saw almost 60 mm of rain fall in 24 hours.

Flood water was as high as 1 metre in places. The local fire department received over 40 calls for help from victims of the floods in the space of just a few hours. Local media say around 20 people had to be evacuated from a nursing home. The flooding was so severe at one point the town was cut-off and access roads in or out were blocked by flood water. Trains were also affected and the route between Ogna and Vigrestad closed.

Much of the water has since receded. Now the clean up begins. In just a few hours, floods have certainly been able to leave a mark on the town, especially the roads.

The latsest flash floods in the south west come after similar floods struck in eastern regions, just north of Oslo on 04 August 2014.