Floods Kill 2 in Marche, Italy

Two people have lost their lives and around 250 evacuated in flooding that has affected parts of the Marche region of central Italy between 3 and 4 May 2014.

The worst affected area is the town of Senigallia, although other areas of Marche have been hit after the Cesano River burst its banks, including Vallone and Chiaravalle. In some places the flood water was so high that cars were seen floating along the streets of Senigallia town.

Senigallia floods
Flooded streets in Senigallia, Italy. Photo: ian russell uk @ twitter
Senigallia floods
Senigallia floods Photo: clalilli @ twitter

Some areas have been cut off by the flooding. Emergency services have found it difficult to reach victims of flooding. A man died in Senigallia after suffering a heart attack where ambulances were delayed by flooding.

The situation appeared to have improved by 5 May 2014, with some of the displaced starting to return to their homes. However, forecasters believe there could be more unsettled weather to come, and there were still some flood warnings for the Marche region. Flood warnings were also issued in the regions of Abruzzo and Veneto.