RSO – Poland’s TV Flood Warning System

Next month will see the launch of a new disaster and severe weather warning system in Poland.

From January 2015, residents of Poland will see messages about floods, storms, tornadoes and other natural hazards appear on their television screens.

The system is named Regional Warning System / Regionalny System Ostrzegania (RSO) and is considered to be the first of its kind in the world.

Poland TV warning system
Poland’s TV Warning System, RSO. Image:

When severe weather strikes, such as flooding or storms, a short alert message will immediately appear on residents’ TV screens. Videos, maps and evacuation routes will be available to recipients with Internet TVs. These alerts are also available via the free “RSO” phone app.

From 01 January, 2015 the RSO warning system will be available on Regional TV channels in Poland. By 01 July, 2015, it is hoped that RSO will be available through all Polish TV channels broadcast in terrestrial digital television.

Polish Minister of Administration and Digitization, Andrzej Halicki said: “This is a unique system in the world, which no other country has been using before. The information about threats is essential to help people in crisis.”