Flood Insurance Ventnor New Jersey

Ventnor NJ sits on the coast of Absecon Island, Atlantic County, in between Atlantic City to the north, and Longport and Margate to the south.

Ventnor City stands at an average elevation of around 12 feet – a vulnerable position when it comes to coastal storms and tidal surges. Recent flooding incidents in Ventnor have also been caused by heavy rainfall and of course, hurricanes.

Older residents might remember the heavy storm and severe flooding of March 1962. More recently hurricane Sandy caused huge amounts of damage to the area, not just flooding. But there have been incidents of flooding in Ventnor over the last few years that aren’t so dramatic and won’t necessarily make headline news. In the storms of January 2014, there was a tidal flood in the city notable for the fact that the flood water had ice and snow on it. There were also floods in June and March of 2013, and quite severe flash floods in June 2010.

Sea Level Rises in New Jersey

Rises in sea levels is a concern for many New Jersey residents. Recently a group of researchers from Rutgers University published the conclusions of their study on sea level rises along the East Coast. The study claimed that sea level of the New Jersey Shore is already rising faster than any previous time and “ could go up by 11 to 15 inches more than the global average by 2100”. Their report claims that by 2100, local levels could climb 3.5 feet, bringing unprecedented flooding.

Flood Insurance in Ventnor

Ventnor has suffered from several flood incidents over the last few years. High tides, hurricanes, storms, tidal surges and heavy rainfall have all caused flooding in Ventnor in the recent past. Many residents of Ventnor will have seen flood water from at least 6 inches to as much as 2 feet in the local streets.

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Being a coastal town, there are plenty of low lying areas that are especially prone to flooding. Even if your home of business property is in one of the more elevated parts of town, or hasn’t been flooded before, it is still possible to suffer from flooding some time in the future. In other words, Ventnor is vulnerable to flooding and it is advisable to consider taking out a flood insurance policy.

Flood Maps and Floodplains

If your home or commercial property is in a floodplain, then it is important to consider the risks and research flood insurance policies. Contact Ventnor City Hall to find out if your property is in a flood zone.

Finding the Right Flood Insurance

It sounds obvious, but always speak to an insurance expert. Think local. We are all used to searching online for the best deals, but in the case of flood insurance, the best deal is the safest, most comprehensive cover, and not necessarily the cheapest. Find an insurance agent in Ventnor – preferably an agent who also specialises in flood insurance -who will understand your needs more thoroughly than a customer service clerk from and large, national insurance company.

Consider a flood insurance policy that will cover both building and contents. Flood water can cause untold damage to both the structure of a building but also the contents inside. In the event of flooding there are many things you may well need to repair and replace. A good flood insurance policy will help you cover the costs.

FEMA Community Rating System

FEMA currently run a program called the Community Rating System, which grades municipalities on their flood policies and flood mitigation. If FEMA consider the municipalities is working to reduce flood vulnerability, residents can get a discount on their flood insurance premiums. Ventnor is aiming to improve its grade in the program, as neighbors Longport and Brigantine have already, and therefore increase the discount on insurance available.

Flood Mitigation in Ventnor

In January 2014, Mayor Mike Bagnell announced that flood mitigation will be a priority for Ventnor, NJ. These plans include restoring the storm water pumping station at Ventnor Gardens. This will be a project in partnership with Atlantic County, Margate and the ACUA. The city also intends to make improvements and, where necessary, repairs to the city’s drainage systems, parts of which were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

flood insurance Ventnor NJ
Flooding in Ventnor NJ, June 2013 (photo: twitter.com/tedgreenbergNBC)

Flood Prone Areas of Ventnor

When announcing their plans for better flood mitigation, city authorities and officials marked out some areas that are thought to be particularly prone to flooding and therefore in need of flood mitigation. Included in that list was the area from Newark to Fredericksburg avenues, Ventnor Avenue; Ventnor Garden Plaza, Wellington avenue, and North Dudley Avenue and Dorset Avenue in Ventnor Heights and the surrounding side streets.

Being a fairly flat, coastal area, Ventnor doesn’t have any “natural” drainage system, where flood water will flow away down hill or down stream. The flat, low lying areas of the city will therefore often see flood water linger for quite a long time, especially tidal flood water. Eventually the drainage system is able to clear the flood water, which is mostly directed into the Back Bay area, possibly making it more vulnerable to further flooding or back-flow flooding.

ventnor heights floods
Floods in Ventor Heights after Hurricane Sandy

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