Guardian Evacuations App Wins Resilience Prize

Guardian Evacuations — an app written by Leon Storey and Gareck Packer that gets people to their closest evacuation centre during a storm, flood or other natural disaster — was announced as the winner in the UN Global Disaster Resilience App Challenge. The app took first place in the consumer and public-facing category.

In the event of a flood or other disaster, the Guardian Evacuations app shows the user where to find the closest location evacuation centre. It also allows them to see traffic information, weather, and potential flood and fire risk areas in real time. The app calculates the distance, shows facility details, and even has a tool to pre-register for the centre prior to arriving. In other words, it provides all the information needed to evacuate your home and get to the nearest shelter quickly and safely.

The Guardian Evacuation app is set to be used by Queensland authorities in raising public awareness of the state’s evacuation shelter strategies in key locations. The app will also improve the visibility of people in need of assistance in a region famous for its flood disasters over the last 5 years.

Brisbane floods in 2011. Photo: Robert Hodge / Flickr
Brisbane floods in 2011. Photo: Robert Hodge / Flickr

A total of 22 projects were submitted to the UN Global Disaster Resilience App Challenge 2014. Nature Conservancy took first in the Professional/Scientific category with the Coastal Defense app. Anyone can use the app to see where shorelines are at risk for erosion caused by waves.