3 Dead in Madagascar Floods

Several regions of Madagascar have seen heavy rainfall for around 2 weeks, causing severe flooding. The Menabe and Atsimo-Andrefana regions have been worst affected.

According to some reports, 3 people have died in the recent floods – 1 in Bongolava, the others in Toliara. So far as many as 587 people have been made homeless by the flooding, with 352 in Morondava, Menabe Region. The popular tourist destination of Mahajanga in Boeny region is also suffering from severe flooding.

Further heavy rainfall is froecast for the south and south west of the island in the coming weeks. Worse still, Tropical Cyclone Amara could be heading towards Madagascar in the next few days.

The cities of Antananarivo and Toliara are thought to be at risk of flooding. Antananarivo suffers from insufficient and ineffective drainage systems. Toliara is at risk becuase of its location near to the Fiherenana River.

Madagascar suffered from horrendous flooding in February 2013 after Cyclone Haruna.

Toliara floods after Cyclone haruna, 2013 Photo: twitter.com/shabarm
Toliara floods after Cyclone haruna, 2013 Photo: twitter.com/shabarm

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