Sudan Floods Update

Sudan has been suffering from the recent flood disaster since early August.  Since then:

  • Estimated 574,540 people affected
  • 110,139 houses destroyed or damaged
  • Khartoum is the worst affected state
  • 182,500 people affected in Khartoum
  • 15,000 homes destroyed in Khartoum region
  • 125,000 people affected in Blue Nile state
  • 48 people killed in Sudan floods since early August

The current flood disaster in Sudan has been described as the worst in 25 years. Continuous rainfall since late July has resulted in relentless flooding, particularly in Khartoum state.

The immediate needs of the affected people include emergency shelter, health, access to clean water and sanitation.

50 emergency health clinics have been set up by WHO and Unicef with Sudanese authorities and national NGOs.

Clashes in South Sudan have increased raise fears over healthcare and relief access. The situation is made more dangerous by floods. According to the UN, 4 peacekeepers are missing in Sudan’s Darfur region after being swept away by floods.

The infographic below is from Relief Web and the full version (PDF) can be seen here:


Video report from Al Jazeera:

Sources: Relief Web; BBC; The Guardian