More Floods in Trinidad

The heavy rainfall that first flooded parts of Trinidad on 26 and 27 November has continued to fall in central, south and south east parts of Trinidad.

This heavy rainfall, combined with the high tide of the morning of 1 December, has left parts the Manzanilla-Mayaro Main Road under as much as 50cm of water. Some people were trapped in their homes along the road. With the road inundated, any means of getting in or out of the area were shut off. The Manzanilla-Mayaro Main Road is a coastal road, running alongside Cocos Bay and to the north, Manzanilla Bay. Behind the road is a mangrove – Nariva Swamp – which is thought to have been inudated in the floods brought by the heavy rainfall over the last few days. It has been reported that the 8 mile / 13km stretch of road that runs along the coast was completely flooded. Local residents have called for the road to be raised above sea level.

According to Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS), the heavy rainfall in the region is associated with to inter-tropical convergence zone. Flood warnings were issued on Friday.

The recent spate of floods in Trinidad has led the government to offer grants of around $10,000 TTD (around $1,500 US) to flood victims. Ministry of the People and Social Development Minister, Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh was visiting flood victims yesterday and said the money was a “one/off contribution…for the rebuilding of their homes”.

“The idea was to provide assistance to the disabled, the elderly and the very poor in the communities who were affected by the floods,” the Minister explained.

Trinidad and Tobag has suffered flooding several times this year, in particular in September and May 2013.

floods trinidad
Floods in Trinidad of May 2013. Photo:

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Sources: Trinidad Express; News Day TT