Floods Worsen in Malaysia

The start of the northeast monsoon in Malaysia has left areas in Pahang, Johor and Terengganu suffering from severe flooding.


As reported by FloodList yesterday, the area of Rompin in Pahang, Malaysia suffered flooding after prolonged heavy rainfall. Around 100 people, mostly the residents of the village of Kampung Kesing Orang Asli, were evacuated.

Since then, the rainfall has continued and the floods worsened, affecting a wider area. Today it was announced that over 5,000 people have since been evacuated from Rompin, Kuantan, Pekan and Maran. Flood relief centers have been set up for all of those displaced.

The heavy rainfall in Pahang is continuing and the floods are experted to worsen.


Over 1,000 people needed to be evacuated from floods in Johor state. Around 16 villages in the area around Mersing have been affected. This is a coastal area, ad yesterday’s floods were in part caused by the high tide of 3.3 meters. It is expected to be at least one week before the water fully subsides.


There were also reports of some flooding in the low lying areas of district of Kemaman, Terengganu, where around 20 people had to be evacuated last night. However, the situation today is much worse and around 450 people have evacuated and are now in a flood relief camp.



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