Flooding Continues in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The flooding that first struck in southern Brazil a few days ago (see our report here) has continued.
Heavy rain in the state of Rio de Janeiro has caused several towns in the region – Nova Iguaçu, Queimados and Japeri – to declare a state of emergency. The city of Rio de Janeiro is also under water. Flood warnings have been issued for 49 communities in the city.

A month’s worth of rain in just 2 days has left the region suffering from severe flooding. Houses have collapsed, roads inundated and traffic brought to a standstill. Cars and even buses were seen submerged and stranded in the flood water. There have been some reports that some drivers of trucks and goods vehicles have been assaulted and their vehicles raided. Residents of Rio have been asked to stay at home for safety precautions, and many schools have been closed. Flights to and from Rio’s airports have also been affected. The emergency services have been called out to over 200 incidents, many of them landslides. The north of the city has been the worst affected.

floods in Rio
Floods in Rio. Photo: twitter.com/bandnewsfmrio

Two people have died and one further person is missing as a result of this second bout of flooding. Both deaths occurred in Baixada Fluminense. Meanwhile Radio Globo has reported that a police officer in Rio de Janerio was found dead in his vehicle that had been stranded in flood water. Emergency services found the officer and tried unsuccessfully to revive him. The cause of death is unknown.

In the surrounding areas of the city, towns including Queimados, Nova Iguaçu and Japeri have suffered severe flooding. As many as 4,000 people are thought to have evacuated their homes in the region. The Pavuna River has overflowed as a result of the torrential rain, flooding the surrounding area of Pavuna district.

Sources: Globo; Agencia Brasil; UoL