Cambodia Floods Begin to Recede

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The Vice-President of the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), Nhim Vanda, said today (18th October, 2013) that the end of the flooding which has blighted Cambodia for much of October was now in sight, and that flood waters in many areas has begun to recede.

This year’s floods in terms of death toll may not have been as bad as the terrible 2011 floods, where 250 people died. However, in terms of damage to infrastructure and agricultural, the 2013 floods may turn out to be just as costly.

Nhim Vanda said:

“This year’s flood is as bad as that in 2011…(however) it is estimated to cost the country at a similar amount to that in 2011.”

The Secretary General of Cambodia’s National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) also gave an update on the current flood situation affecting the country.

Earlier today, Pon Narith, said that Cambodia had been hit by 2 separate spates of severe flooding, the first in August this year, the second in October.

  • In total 152 people have died as a result of floods this year (13 in August, 139 in October)
  • 418,770 families have been affected
  • 20 Provinces across the country flooded
  • 27,500 families have been displaced
  • 208,200 houses, 1,390 schools, and 500 pagodas have been flooded
  • 300,500 hectares of rice paddy have been inundated, 28,100 hectares were completely damaged
  • 241 km of national roads and over 3,100 km of gravel roads had been affected

Sources: CRI
Photo (from 2011): UNOCHA