Taiwan Aims to Continue Flood Defence Plan

Regularly battered by storms, typhoons, landslides and flash floods, Taiwan aims to continue its long term flood control plan with a further US$2 billion spending over the next 5 or 6 years.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs announced it aims to continue with flood defence spending until 2019. However, the plan and budget still needs approval from the Cabinet, which is expected to hold a meeting on the matter soon.

Taiwan’s original flood defence plan was part of an 8 year project which first began in 2005, with a budget of NT$80 billion (around US$2.7 billion). Vice Economics Minister, Duh Tyzz-jiun, claimed that the plan has been a success and should continue. He said:

“In spite of increased rainfall from recent typhoons and storms, Yunlin’s coastal areas are no longer stricken with floods,”

He also added that both the magnitude and duration of floods in Pingtung’s coastal areas have been “greatly reduced.”

Sources: The China Post